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closed until spring

The Alpine Ascent Climbing Wall will take a winter nap and reopen in spring 2024.

alpine ascent Climbing Wall

Climbing is for Everyone!


custom climbing wall!

Our 27’ Alpine Ascent climbing wall has 4 lanes and 2 routes per lane. Climbers can choose the Easy, Intermediate, Advanced or Most Challenging route. Each climber wears a harness and is attached to an auto belay cable system that allows for safety both up and down the route. Alpine Ascent is attached to the Guest Service Building and is a unique piece of art designed especially for the park! All attractions have been fully inspected and licensed by the State of Washington. 


climber requirements & safety guidelines

  1. Climbing is considered a strenuous activity.  Do not climb if you are pregnant, have a heart condition, or any other physical condition that may prevent you from following the rules.

  2. You may not climb if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol

  3. Min weight – 22lbs.  Max  weight – 309lbs. 

  4. Climbers must be age 3 and 38” 

  5. Guests of a certain size may not fit into harnesses 

  6. Ensure the connector is attached to the belt loop of the harness 

  7. Ensure all loose items are tightened or removed before climbing 

  8. Prior to descent, ensure descent path and standing area are free of people and obstructions 

  9. Avoid swinging while descending 

  10. Always descend feet first using feet to fend off obstacles and prepare for landing 

  11. Be aware that not all body types will fit the harnesses regardless of weight and height

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