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Tumwater Twister alpine Coaster

Your Choice...
Scenic or Fast!

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First alpine coaster!

The Views

Tumwater Canyon, Icicle Ridge, the Wenatchee River Rapids, and the town of Leavenworth


Ride Your Way

Side brakes allow for a slow, scenic ride OR release the brakes to cruise up to 27mph!

The Ride

  • 2,700' long

  • Vertical drop 234 feet

  • Up to 35’ off the ground

  • Three 360-degree spiral helix circles


  • Riders must read and agree to all rider requirements and safety measures before riding. Waivers must be signed for each rider.

  • Tamper-proof lockable safety belts

  • Intelligent distance control to keep sleds away from each other

  • Anti-derailment system

  • All attractions, including the coaster, have been fully inspected and licensed by the State of Washington. 

RESERVATIONS REQUIRED: 1 or 2 ride tickets available 

rider requirements & safety guidelines

  1. All instructions from the operating staff shall be strictly followed.

  2. Riders must be at least 54 inches tall to ride alone. Passengers must be over 38 inches and at least 3 years old. Passengers must be accompanied by supervising companion of 16 years or older.

  3. When there are two riders on the sled, the taller person is the driver, and is required to sit in the rear seat of the sled and must keep both hands on the brake lever at all times. The passenger must not obstruct the driver's view and must keep both hands on the front handle at all times.

  4. The maximum number of riders for any one sled is 2.

  5. The rider and passenger must be able to comprehend the instructions given by the operator in the English language. If the rider or passenger does not comprehend or cannot confirm the instruction, other measures such as translation can be taken. If the operator cannot ensure that the instructions were comprehended, the rider and passengers shall not ride.

  6. All loose clothing and hair below shoulder length shall be secured before starting the ride.

  7. The maximum combined weight of the riders cannot exceed 375 lbs. in dry weather and 330lbs in wet weather.

  8. You must have upper and lower body control and you must be able to sit upright with your head against the seat back. All riders must keep limbs and extremities inside the sled at all times.

  9. If you have a heart condition, back or neck injuries, if you are pregnant or if you have any condition that prevents you from following all these safety rules and guidelines, you must not ride the Alpine Coaster.

  10. If you have any questions in regard to the operation of this ride or your ability to participate safely, please contact the ride operator before riding. If you have any doubt, no matter how slight, DO NOT ride!

  11. By purchasing a ticket, you accept the conditions of use, and you ride at your own risk. All claims for compensation are excluded​.

Leavenworth Adventure Park Tumwater Twister Alpine Coaster

Meet super Lou

While on a visit to Leavenworth Washington, Ludwig the iconic Bavarian lion fell in love with the majestic beauty and took to the hills in hermitage. Raised by intrepid cougars of the Cascades, Lou established a fondness for adventure. He settled atop the town's perch and his generous spirit guided him to construct a park where he could share his passion for play with the people of the region he loves. “Super Lou" as he is now known can occasionally be spied tucked under a boulder or speeding down the rails of the Tumwater Twister. Guests will get the opportunity to visit and take photos with Super Lou while visiting the park! Check back for Super Lou visit dates and times.

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