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Park Policies

  1. Kid-and-crowd-friendly dogs on leashes may enjoy the outdoor space at the park

  2. No outside food and beverage

  3. No smoking or vaping – anywhere on property

  4. Clothing, language, and behavior must be family friendly and non-discriminatory

  5. No firearms

  6. No running

  7. Children under 14 must be accompanied by someone at least 18 years-old

Frequently asked questions

Please visit our Help Center to read our FAQs.

A lot of questions can be answered on our What to Expect page.

filming on-ride

All devices used for filming on-ride must be securely attached to your person via chest, head, or foot harness for either the driver or passenger of the sled. Wrist attachments, selfie sticks or bite sticks are strictly forbidden. Final determination on appropriateness of filming equipment is at the operator’s discretion.

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