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bavarian Bungee bounce Trampoline

Flip & Fly!


What is a Bungee Trampoline?

The Bavarian Bungee Bounce trampoline allows jumpers to flip and fly up to 20 feet in the air! With four trampoline stations, jumpers wear a safety harness that is attached by two cables. Jumpers are always treated to the best bounce possible with real bungee cords adjusted to their weight. All attractions have been fully inspected and licensed by the State of Washington. 

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Jumper requirements & safety guidelines

  1. Weight between 40-200 lbs. (18-90 kg) 

  2. Minimum Age: 6 yrs. old 

  3. Minimum Height: 40” (102cm) 

  4. Must be in good health 

  5. Listen and obey employees at all times 

  6. Read and obey all posted Warning signs 

  7. You may not jump if you are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or alcohol 

  8. No smoking, alcohol, food or beverage allowed inside the Jump Zone area 

  9. Harness must fit properly 

  10. Remove loose jewelry and empty pockets 

  11. Secure long hair 

  12. No heels or hard sole shoes allowed 

  13. Jump straight up, not front to back 

  14. Always land on your feet 

  15. Only jump when instructed to 

  16. Flip at your own risk.  ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBLE FLIPS! 

  17. Safety Warning: High Active Sport. Do not participate if: You have had back, neck, shoulder, arm, heart problems, broken bones, or spinal injuries. Any lower body injuries and/or other physical or medial problems or if you are pregnant. Any injuries to the upper body especially

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